Why should one go for carrageenan?

The one most important thing that you need to get inside your head before learning about Carrageenan is that it is NOT harmful to either your body or to the environment. With all the various kinds of adulterants now increasingly becoming an active part of the food industry, fears about a particular ingredient that you have only heard of is definitely justified but what is not justified is your hasty conclusion about the same without thorough knowledge about it. Poligeenan is a chemically degraded version of carrageenan, which has been getting confused for the latter since time immemorial. Carrageenan is used as a thickening agent and is extracted from sea weeds in the most natural manner possible.


What is carrageenan used for?

Carrageenan as you have already been told is an extraction from the edible sea weed which has the ability of gelling, stabilizing and concentrating a recipe. This is what makes carrageenan an ideal pick in the tooth paste and the dessert industries where the concentration of the substance is the main thing. Also, its lack of toxicity and carcinogenicity only makes it safe and good to use. Even the US and UK Food and drug development associations and administrations have approved of its usage in the said substances.

Carrageenan having such positive characteristics has been attracting consumers from all over the world. Although, there had been a certain hush in its usage for a little while due to people confusing it for poligeenan which is in actuality harmful, now that they are slowly and steadily learning about the numerous uses of carrageenan. After learning about its natural origin, there is practically no stopping it from rising to fame and making it a must have ingredient in almost all desserts or toothpaste industries or businesses that there are.



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