The real truth behind IMAX usingHirek


Through this piece of writing we are trying to let you know some of the relevant facts about the IMAX and why should one avoid choosing IMAX over the conventional cinema. We will let you know some of the core concepts that you must know and how the people are trying to manipulate them for making money. With the help of the research based on the sites like we will let you know the real features and the fake features presented in the IMAX cinemas.


Real vs. Fake IMAX

Now, one should take a look how people may manipulate the facts to make IMAX cinema perfect when it still need many improvements. With the help of the sites like, we have introduced some of the events like:

  1. The real number of the cinemas is 1/46th of the real IMAX at domestic level, yet the company claim to have 10% of the profit from the domestic movie.
  2. The 2nd thing is that the average IMAX cinema displays gauge 97’board and 76’ higher. For a small sized IMAX you will have the gauge dimensions 58’ wider and 28’ inch high.But the thing that is done at the cinema hall is the relocation of the screen a bit ahead by removing the first four seats in the hall.
  3. Finally, the instruments used to run 70mm of the film are still expensive yet the company is affording which is miraculous.


All these factors let us realize how much true is the IMAX cinema and why one should not choose them over the conventional cinemas. One must research with the help of sites like hirekso that they can get to know the real concept of the IMAX cinema. We do not doubt the quality but to run that quality there is still need of more apparatus and technical approaches.

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